The CPI Media Team

Glenn A. Stinebaugh, Principal/Managing Member-Producer


                                     Glenn A. Stinebaugh has over 30 years of industry experience in the disciplines of Executive Management, Strategic Planning

                              (including joint ventures and strategic partnerships), Business Plan and Tactical/Marketing Plan development and implementation,

                              Economic Development, Marketing, Research and Analysis, Project Management, and Cultural Program Development and



                              He has a successful consulting background in executive management, market development and market penetration/expansion            

                              (domestic  and offshore), team building, manufacturing, sourcing (domestic and off-shore) and marketing in a variety of vertical

industries including Agriculture/Precision Agriculture, sustainable and renewable energy technologies and products, mining, consumer package

goods (CPG), textile/apparel, retail and specialty operations, Information Technology, media and entertainment, product placement / product integration and electronics.


Mr. Stinebaugh is a Founding Member/Managing Member of Integrated Natural Resources, LLC (INR), an international executive management, marketing, research, analysis and business/strategic planning consulting organization with associate offices in Las Vegas, Nevada; Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile; Melbourne, Australia and Manila, The Philippines. 


He is also a Founding Member/Managing Member of Cultural Productions International, LLC (CPI), an entertainment and cultural production company with offices in Las Vegas, NV; Lima, Peru and Nashville, TN. CPI is currently working to bring to the International audience “The Lost Music of the Andes”, an important artistic and cultural initiative that will present to the world music composed in Peru between 1565-1750. This important project will stimulate tourism and economic development while presenting to the global audience some of Peru’s most talented composers, musicians and artists.


Mr. Stinebaugh has planned and led numerous trade missions from South America to the U.S. while planning and implementing various U.S. State Missions abroad, including several economic development and trade missions to Australia and SE Asia.


He has served as Vice President/Strategic Planning for FIBERTECH, Inc (Brandella Knitwear)/Fiber Technology Group of Melbourne, Australia where he developed and implemented a global business plan and marketing strategy for the company’s proprietary technologies and processes.


Mr. Stinebaugh served as the Director, Research Product Group and General Manager for Western Region Operations for AMR Research, Inc., a nationally known, Boston-based research and analysis firm focused on the international IT marketplace.


In addition to working with many United States firms, he has been a consultant to the governments of Australia, Ontario and Quebec, Canada; Chile; France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru, South Korea and Japan, as well as the States of Oklahoma, Texas and Nevada. Additionally, Mr. Stinebaugh has worked with various public and private sector organizations to create “value added elements” to raw material production, and has assisted in the creation of global markets for finished products.  Working with the State of Texas and (former) Governor Ann Richards, has was part of a Committee that developed the standards and criteria for Texas’ Organic Industry.


Recently, Mr. Stinebaugh was CEO and President of Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. and BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc. Under his direction, the companies focused on development of agriculture and precision agricultural technologies.


Since resigning from Zero Gravity / BAM Agricultural Solutions, Mr. Stinebaugh has developed a technology toolkit of agricultural and precision agriculture technologies and products that provide solutions to problems facing agriculture, globally.


Mr. Stinebaugh was Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Global Phoenix Foundation. The Foundations Mission was to create models of “sustainable intentional communities” and provide the diversity of information and tools necessary to enable individuals, organizations and communities worldwide to create and implement self-sustainable, environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and culturally insightful “intentional” communities.


In addition to his for-profit and non-profit activities, he developed a strategy of combining cultural activities with trade and economic development to increase visibility and attention to various cultures from around the world, while simultaneously using this visibility to “springboard” economic development.


A partial list of the projects he has created and developed includes:


● Shaman’s Song- Created in 1978 to raise awareness for an ancient civilization and its unique art style that exists along the Mexico-Texas border. Elements included a documentary film, photo exhibit and public awareness;


● Prophecy of Peace- Created in 1980 under the auspices of the Austin Fairchild Art

Foundation, Dallas, Texas ( Project goal was to encourage international artists to submit paintings reflecting a “Prophecy of Peace” for future generations. Elements included exhibitions, media and international exposure;


● Reflected Nations- Created in 1985 to draw parallels between the Australian Aboriginal culture and the Cherokee Nation of North America. Project goal was to encourage cross-cultural dialogue between the Nations in an effort to assist Aboriginal people in “economic development and education”;


● Australian Images-An American Artists Response to 40,000 Years of Australian Culture.

Created under the auspices of the Austin Fairchild Foundation, this project was the only visual arts project endorsed by the Australian, British and United States governments for Australia’s Bi-Centennial in 1988. Elements included documentary film, creation of works on paper, canvas and sculpture by artist Paul Maxwell (, creation of educational programs delivered in Australia, exhibitions throughout Australia, the US and selected European cities.


● EnviroGanics- (1993) Cultural, Organic Cotton clothing featuring cultural symbolism on fabrics.


● The Lost Music of the Andes- Delivering to the world “lost” musical manuscripts, created between 1560-1750 in Peru, lost and “re-discovered” in 1999. Elements include documentaries, performances, recorded music and development of educational programs, unique art, crafts, furniture, home furnishings and tourism. 


Miguel Flores – Principal/Managing Member- Producer

                                       Miguel Flores has extensive experience in the Arts, Cultural programs and International Trade Programs. Miguel has worked as

                             Production, Television and Promotions Manager for Channel 9 in Lima, Peru and has been Director General of Cultural Development for

                             the Peruvian Institute of Culture where he managed the National Symphony Orchestra, National Ballet, National Choir, National School

                             of Drama and National School of Ballet, as well as the venues owned by the Peruvian government.

                                       Miguel has been Events Manager for the Peruvian Marketing Association and has worked as project manager for the exchange                                           program of performing artists between Peru and the United States that formed part of a program of the Dance Theater Workshop from New York, sponsored by the Suitcase Fund and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.


Additionally, Miguel has been an independent designer and producer of academic and performing arts events and events management. He has produced several artists including: Strunz & Farah, Markus Zohner, Warren Smith, Pat Hall Smith, Jean Robert Morrisseau, Mary Luft, Joseph Celli, Ray Spiegel, Silvio Rodriguez, Alberto Cortés, Pablo Milanés, Fito Paez, Mercedes Sosa, Irakere, Richie Zellon, AFROPERU, and Alicia Maguina


Miguel has taught events management, musical creativity and English in Peruvian Universities such as Universidad Ricardo Palma, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, and Educational Institutes including CENFOTUR, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Instituto Cultural Peruano Britanico.


Miguel was invited by the government of the United States of America to participate in the Multiregional Group Project Program of International Visits: PERFORMING ARTS MANAGEMENT IN THE USA, sponsored by the United States Information Agency and coordinated by the Academy For Educational Development (1993).


Miguel was the first Peruvian musician to ever be invited by the Japanese government, through a grant the Japan Foundation gave to the Kokusai Seinen Engeki Center, to perform his personal music in Tokyo with Japanese musicians and actors in 1980.


He is a founding member of the Latin American Network of Independent Producers of Performing Artists.


Miguel is currently working on his musical project MOTE, an avant-garde ensemble and he is promoting an initiative called Peru Grande to create a new front of cultural development for his country.


Miguel will coordinate all aspects of the project with Lima Triumphante/Maestro Jose Quezada/Lima, act as creative director for performances, assist in the production of the recorded music, arrange compositions in additional genres, i.e. jazz and “world music”, etc. act as historical spokesman for the Lost Music Project, engage in promotional and marketing activities. Additionally, Miguel will facilitate sponsorship, tourism and trade activities in Peru and other South American countries.


Bil VornDick- Principal, Managing Member/Producer


                                                     Bil VornDick’s artistry as a producer and engineer has helped earn his clients over 45 Grammy nominations, among them Alison

                                       Krauss’ very first Grammy). He has worked on many albums during his 40 years in music. These include projects for such other

                                       Grammy recipients as Ralph Stanley, Marty Robbins, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Mark O’Connor and jazz bassist Charlie Haden,

                                       as well as for legendary troubadour Jesse Winchester and bluegrass empress Rhonda Vincent. His credits appear on No. 1

                                       albums in 5 different musical genres.


A native of Northern Virginia, VornDick played in junior high rock bands and experimented with recording other acts while he was still in high school. At 19, he signed as a songwriter to Nashville’s fabled Cedarwood Music. But it took a chat with Chet Atkins at dinner, following one of the great guitarist’s concerts in Washington, D. C., to convince VornDick he should actually move to Music City. Then head and chief producer of RCA Records’ country division, Atkins told VornDick about a new music business program Belmont College was launching at its Nashville campus. Fascinated by the curriculum’s potential, VornDick enrolled at Belmont and remained there until he completed his bachelor’s degree in 1979. He has continued his affiliation with the school, designing and teaching advanced recording classes and serving on the institution’s advisory board.


Not long after VornDick graduated, Grand Ole Opry star Marty Robbins (soon to be elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame) hired him as his chief recording engineer. This post enabled VornDick to meet and engineer records for some of the biggest names in country music.


One of VornDick’s most ambitious undertakings came in 1998 when Rebel Records tapped him to produce and coordinate the guest talent for Ralph Stanley’s groundbreaking 2-CD album, Clinch Mountain Country. In this capacity, he recorded Stanley’s duets with Bob Dylan, George Jones, Porter Wagoner, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill, Tim O’Brien, Kathy Mattea and a host of other notables.   Rolling Stone proclaimed Clinch Mountain Country its top country album of the year and the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awarded it both album of the year and recorded event of the year trophies. The 36-song, 32-artist set was also a Grammy finalist.


VornDick has been particularly active in trade and professional organizations. He is one of the authors of and committee members for the AES/NARAS archival document “Recommendation for Delivery of Recorded Music Projects.” He is a founding member of the IBMA and the Nashville Engineers Relief Fund (which sponsors the Audio Masters Golf Tournament to raise money for recording engineers in need). And it was his idea to create the Sound Health Insurance cooperative to make health insurance available to members of such music-linked organizations as the Country Music Association, the Gospel Music Association, the IBMA, the American Federation of Musicians, the Folk Alliance and the Audio Engineering Society (whose Nashville chapter VornDick chaired for 2 terms). Sound Health Insurance is now available to members in 46 states.


VornDick’s dedication to the music industry is further evidenced by his advisory, administrative and/or instructional work for Belmont University, South Plains College, Middle Tennessee State University, the North American Folk Alliance, IBMA, the Recording Academy, MerleFest, the Telluride Music Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival , SAE, Vol State, AES and the Swannanoa Gathering.

Maestro Jose Quezada Macchiavello (Lima Triumphante)- Conductor, Composer & Arrangements, Music Historian, Publishing (Lost Music of the Andes)-


                                                                  A researcher and talented composer, Maestro Quezada is presently in charge of The Lost Music of the Andes and its two   

                                                             performing groups - Lima Triumphante and Jalla Yunch. He has dedicated most of his life to the study of vice royal music

                                                                  in Peru.  He has directed different choirs and orchestras in Lima and Chiclayo, Peru. Additionally, he has traveled to

                                                Finland to perform his compositions sung by Peruvian soprano Lola Marquez.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                 Maestro Quezada is a researcher at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and a teacher at the Universidad Peruana

                                                de Ciencias Aplicadas , both in Lima, Peru.


He is also a music critic for Peru’s largest newspaper, El Comercio and has written many essays and books referred to Peruvian music, both academic and popular.


Maestro Quezada has also produced many concerts and festivals to promote classical music in Peru.


As Director of Lima Triumphante, Maestro Quezada will arrange all compositions, engage in publishing activities, conduct Lima Triumphante (and other performance groups) on recorded music and staged performances, develop stage performances, oversee touring performers and be available for all press related activities.

CPI Media Advisors

John Tripp- Production Design & Entertainment Advisor


                                            John Tripp is a multi-faceted entertainment veteran with over 30 years’ experience in many areas of the entertainment industry.

                                   Recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer of MIX Entertainment Holdings, LLC, an entertainment development company with

                                   several key projects including best-selling  author Clive Cussler’s ‘The Oregon Files’ television series.

                                               Previously, Tripp was the Chief Operating Officer of ChildStar Entertainment, LLC, a multi-media platform company encompassing

                                music, television, merchandising, video gaming and the internet.  One of ChildStar’s main ventures was The TrollMates, a ‘tween pop group for whom Tripp secured a concert appearance at the Great Wall of China at Badaling near Beijing on September 6, 2006 on the occasion of the launch of The International Paralympics Mascot and two-year countdown to the 2008 Olympic Games.  The televised event garnered an estimated viewing audience of 850 million worldwide.

Tripp’s consulting business, Howland WorldWide, LLC, has been creating strategic alliances for several years.  A few notable examples of alliances that Tripp has created include: Assistance League of Southern California with entertainment journalist Leeza Gibbons and her Alzheimer’s organization (‘Leeza’s Places’); Tony and Emmy Award-winning writer William Luce with the People’s Republic of China to create a Broadway-bound musical based on the Flying Tigers (American volunteer pilots who flew beside the Chinese against the Japanese during WWII); ‘Cultural Sister City’ alliance between Hollywood, CA and Kunming in Yunnan province, the film capital of China.


Tripp has over 30 years’ experience in all phases of the event production world.  Mr. Tripp, both individually and with various companies he has co-founded and worked with, has produced over 500 high-profile events on both the East and West coasts.


Tripp co-founded Sakow and Tripp International, an event production company.  Tripp co-produced events such as the Hollywood Halloween street festival, which closed an historic mile-long stretch of Hollywood Boulevard from Vine to Highland for an unprecedented two days.  The multi-cultural, family-friendly event attracted 80,000 people.  Other significant events that Tripp co-produced included Los Angeles Magazine’s annual Best of LA food and wine festival 2003, 2004 & 2005; Eco-Wine Fest, the first organic wine festival in California; the 2nd Annual Planetary Coral Reef Foundation Benefit with James Cameron; a Women of Los Angeles Gala in honor of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver; spcaLA’s 125th anniversary benefit at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion; a Gala at the Historic Regent Beverly Wilshire in honor of Evelyn Lauder, of the Estee Lauder Corporation, for her contributions to the Fight against Breast Cancer; and events for the Alzheimer’s Association and Leeza’s Places.


Prior to co-founding Sakow and Tripp International, Tripp co-founded St. Andrews Place, an event production company.  A partial list of clients included Barbra Streisand, Matt Groening, Quincy Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, LACMA, James Garner, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Malibu International Film Festival, television shows including The West  Wing, EXTRA, MAD TV, and 3rd Rock from the Sun, Tony Awards West, Women in Film, American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP), celebrity photographer Herb Ritts, Daily Variety, Los Angeles Opera Guild, Museum of Television & Radio (Beverly Hills), Los Angeles Natural History Museum, George C. Page Museum at La Brea Tar Pits, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and UCLA.


Tripp learned the event production business and became a senior event producer for New York society and celebrity event producer, Donald Bruce White.  Clients included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Norman Lear, Andy Warhol, the Rockefellers, Yoko Ono, Presidents Nixon, Carter, and Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Gloria Vanderbilt, the Bronfman Family of Seagram’s, and a host of foreign royalty and dignitaries.  Tripp oversaw the special event aspects of numerous fashion shows for clients such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Bill Blass, among others.  Tripp also produced events for corporate and institutional clients including: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, TIME-LIFE Corporation, Ford Corporation, the Peabody Foundation, PepsiCo, and the United Nations.


Tripp studied theater arts under the renowned acting coach and three-time Tony Award-winner Uta Hagen in New York City and with Stella Adler in Los Angeles, as well as studied voice with world-renowned vocal coach Virginia Shore in Hartford, Connecticut. He played starring roles for several years in the TV serials All My Children, Love of Life and As the World Turns, hosted several television series, appeared in several feature films, and was as a lead in over 200 nationally telecast commercials; one of which was awarded the top honor at the Clio Awards and is part of the Smithsonian Institute’s permanent collection as a ‘Piece of Americana’. 

Tripp co-founded the successful theatre company Bank Street Players and produced and acted in several productions.  Tripp also co-authored/designed the best-selling design and travel book, Safari Chic.


Tripp is a former member of the Los Angeles Board of Directors of the American Institute of Wine and Food, founded by Julia Child and James Beard.  He is also an active contributor to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and was invited to become a member of its Board of Directors.


Kenneth J. August- Legal Counsel

August Law Group/Founder & President

                                      Mr. August began his legal career with the firm of Lane & Edson, P.C., where he participated in the representation of former U.S.

                               Treasury Secretary William Simon’s investment banking firm, WESRAY Corporation, in a variety of public and private financial

                               transactions, management buy-outs and related corporate activities.  Mr. August has also worked with the firm Dow, Lohnes &

                               Albertson (where he represented a number of  telecommunications companies, investment banking firms and commercial banks in a

                               variety of corporate, commercial and financial transactions), and Graham & James (specializing in mergers & acquisitions, securities

                               and joint venture transactions for the firm’s primarily international clientele).  He left large law firm practice at the end of 1992 to

                               focus on the representation of entrepreneurial emerging and mid-sized corporate clients.


                            During his career, Mr. August has participated as legal counsel in transactions having an aggregate value of more than $2.5 Billion dollars. He has served as an Adjunct Professor both at Whittier Law School, teaching in the area of corporations and securities law, and for the University of California at Irvine Graduate School of Management on general legal issues impacting business professionals.  He has lectured extensively in the areas of international business and financial transactional law, including for the Harvard Business School Association of Orange County in 2006, and was a contributing author on international mergers and acquisitions in the book The Art of M&A, published by Dow Jones-Irwin in 1987. 


Mr. August was a Founding Member of the College of Fellows of the Centre for International Legal Studies, headquartered in Kitzbühl, Austria, and has served as a Director for the Singapore American Business Association (Southern California), the International Foundation for the Advancement and Support of Technology, as a Director and Past President of the Orange County International Business and Protocol Foundation, and as Chairman of the California International Business Advisory Board, Rancho Santiago Community College District.  


He has lectured extensively at home and abroad in the area of international business transactions, including for the United States Department of Commerce, the University of Southern California, the American Electronics Association, Zhongshan (Sun-Yat Sen University) in Guangzhou, China, and the non-profit California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC).  He is fluent in English, French and Spanish, and has a working knowledge of German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.


Peter F. Nostrand- Finance & Strategic Planning Advisor

                                          In 2006, Peter F. Nostrand retired as Chairman, President & CEO of SunTrust Bank, Greater Washington, a tri-state area that

                                  includes the District of  Columbia, Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland.  He began at the bank 33 years earlier as a trainee in

                                  1973. During his last 20 years with the bank in Washington, Mr. Nostrand oversaw the acquisition of 18 smaller thrift and

                                  commercial banks.

                                  Under Mr. Nostrand’s leadership, the Greater Washington Region grew to about $12 billion in assets and became the leading bank

                                  of the 20 banks within the SunTrust system as measured by revenues, after tax earnings and return on equity.


He continues to serve on the Executive Committee of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, an organization of which he was past Chair, and which serves businesses in and around Washington, DC.  He is on the Advisory Board of NESF, a fintech company in Silicon Valley that specializes in the EB-5 Program and in 1031 Exchanges. In addition, Mr. Nostrand serves as an Honorary Deputy Chief of the United States Park Police, the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the country.


He is also a member of the National Press Club, the Mayflower Society, the Yale Club of New York, the Holland Society in New York, the Sons of the Revolution and the Founders & Patriots of America.


Before retiring from SunTrust Bank, Mr. Nostrand served on the Board of Mesa Air Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:MESA); was, twice, Campaign Chair of the United Way of Greater Washington, at the time the nation’s largest United Way organization.


Mr. Nostrand served on the board of HEROES, Inc, a privately funded organization that sees to the financial and other needs of families of local federal and municipal law enforcement officers who lose their lives in the line of duty. He was also on the Executive Committee of the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center and was Chair of the Greater Washington Initiative, a public-private partnership of the region’s 21 municipalities and major businesses.  He also served on the board of the Washington Airports Task Force, Federal City Council, the Local Initiative Support Coalition, the Council for Court Excellence and the Executive Committee of the Pentagon Memorial Foundation, a non-profit charged with funding a memorial at the Pentagon in remembrance of the victims of September 11.  


Until 2007, and for nearly a decade, Mr. Nostrand served as the Chairman of the Board of the Christmas Pageant of Peace.  In this capacity, he had the honor each year of introducing, in a broadcast televised around the world, presidents Clinton, then Bush, who delivered their annual holiday address of hope and peace.


He is the author of three “social histories”, writing about history thru the eyes of his ancestors. He also composes music and has produced ten albums. His compositions have been performed by the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Pops and the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.


He holds a Premier Degré from the University of Paris (1967), a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College (1969) and a master’s degree from the University of Virginia (1973). He recently returned from Oxford University where he completed a fifth term of musical composition studies and was privately tutored by two Oxford professors.


Mr. Nostrand and his wife Nancy live on the Potomac River in Virginia south of Washington and have six children and 11 grandchildren.


Patricio Madariaga- Strategic Advisor/Chile and South America


                                  Patricio Madariaga has over 40 years of experience in international market research, strategic development, sales and marketing. He

                            pioneered Pro-Chile, the highly successful Chilean export promotion center or better called the Chilean Department of Commerce and

                            opened their first foreign offices in New York City, warehouses in Panama and a number of new Trade offices in Central America. 


                            For a two-year period, Patricio was appointed General Manager for Fast Air Airlines in New York an All-Cargo Chilean Airline operating

                            worldwide air cargo out of JFK International Airport in New York and Miami to South and Central American and other world

                            destinations. Today this small air cargo operation became part owner of LATAM (The LAN Chile Airlines merger with TAM Airlines from

                            Brazil) the largest airline in South America.


After five years working to promote a number of different Chilean product lines overseas, the Chilean government appointed Patricio as Senior Trade Commissioner for the West Coast of the United States and a few years later, as Consul General of Chile, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. with jurisdiction over Southern California and the States of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Hawaii. The Consul General position aside of the regular consular duties also demanded cultural affairs in the area, allowing to personally participate in art galleries, musicians, poets and well known authors brought from Chile in connection with each of the City’s Cultural Affairs-Councils.  


After his early retirement form the Chilean Foreign Office, Mr. Madariaga organized a Factory representative service in Chile and California where he managed and administered mining supplies, fresh fruits and produce sales programs, as well as fish supplies from Chile to the Region and at the same time, Mr. Madariaga assumed The Chilean Economic Development Corporation (CORFO) Agency representation in California, where he was able to meet and invite a number of California mining industrials, fresh fruit growers and food processors to Chile for foreign investment purposes.


Today, Patricio is the President for PMM International Business Service Group an International Research, Analysis and Business Consulting Group associated to MGA Holdings. PMM services provide clients with in-depth market assessments and competitive intelligence also advise on the legal and regulatory framework, “incentive” programs, financing, export market development programs, project financing and market sector opportunities. Additionally, advise on market entry strategies and, if desired by the client, can execute those strategies on client´s behalf.


This last company has introduced into the Chilean market a number of US products and services as well as a number of Chilean products into the US markets. Company names such as Home Depot and several of the Home Depot suppliers; The Vincit Group from Chattanooga TN; Global Food Technologies brands IPura and lately, Zero Gravity Solutions, subsidiary BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc. are some of the US names PMM Business has managed in Chile for the last few years.     


Patricio is completely bilingual in Spanish and English languages and received his Army Commission Degree in the Branch of Artillery from the Chilean Military Academy, later on; he received his Business Administration Degree from Universidad Central de Venezuela and completed his International Business education at California State University of Northridge among several other Academic formations plans within a number of well-known Universities and Government Institutions worldwide.