CPI Media/ Cultural Productions International (CPI) mission is:


● To develop, produce and creatively market “enlightened entertainment” featuring cultural, artistic and uplifting entertainment content that will increase awareness of earth’s diverse cultures and the “oneness” expressed through these cultures;


● To utilize the increased awareness derived though “cultural entertainment” to create economic development opportunities for people within specific cultures and/or countries through the development/execution of precision agriculture/technology initiatives, unique tourism programs, merchandise and/or product development and ancillary projects;

● To utilize creative production strategies, including advances in sound and visual technologies, to deliver entertainment content to a variety of targeted demographics;

● To promote the preservation and dissemination of world cultures, and

● To achieve the company’s goals through collaboration with like-minded organizations.


To achieve these goals and satisfy its Mission Statement, CPI is proud to present “The Lost Music of the Andes”, featuring arrangements and performances of the lost musical manuscripts found in Peru and performed by Maestro Jose Quezada and Lima Triumphante.

CPI Media manages all aspects of media content development, production and distribution, including


● Recordings (CD’s, LP’s, etc.)


● Film (Documentaries, Feature films, etc.)


● Publishing


● Theatrical and Stage Production


● Merchandising


● Event Production (Live experience, television, web-based content, etc.)



CPI Media is the in-house record label for all recordings.


CPI Media, in conjunction with the Cultural Productions International Foundation, will be in Lima, Peru in Fall 2018 to produce and record Lima Triumphante, under the Direction of Maestro Jose Quezada Macchiavello, initial compositions for global distribution in March 2019.


These recording sessions, entitled “The Healing Sessions”, will record this important music whose melodies and harmonies can “elevate” and “heal” the souls of mankind.   Today, more than ever, these recordings are necessary to positively impact, and bring together, mankind.


CPI Media and Recorded Music Distribution/Marketing


CPI Media is in-development of an international music marketing, distribution and PR strategy that will catapult CPI Media to the forefront of classical music. It is anticipated that a formal global distribution and marketing Agreement will be executed during Q3 2018.


This global distribution strategy will assure CPI Media of manufacturing and distribution of all LP’s, CD’s and other aspects of recorded music, as well as, provide world-wide marketing for recorded music.


CPI Media and Collaborators


CPI Media is currently in negotiations with cutting-edge entertainment technology companies, as well as, economic development and tourism-related entities. Please refer back to the CPI Media website for some exciting announcements!